• Shree Krishna Janmashtami 02.09.2018

    02.09.2018 from 10.00 pm to midnight.

    Janmashtami is the birthday of lord Krishna which is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country. It is believed that lord Vishnu reincarnated in the form of Lord Krishna on the auspicious day of Janmashtami. The historical background of the birth of lord Krishna depicts the significance of this Hindu festival. Lord Krishna was born at midnight on the eighth day of Hindu lunarmonth, Shravana.

    Celebration of Janmashtami

    The tale of Krishna’s birth is recited and remembered from temples and households. The story signifies the divine power of Lord Krishna. Devotional songs are sung which are dedicated to Lord Krishna. Cities all over India get into a trance like mode. People visit temples at night, join their hands and bow their heads in front of Krishna’s idol with enormous faith.

    A small cradle is placed with a miniature Krishna’s idol in it as a symbol of his birth. Devotees swing the cradle joyously and celebrate the arrival of Shri Krishna by reciting aarti (prayer) and bhajans. Devotees fast for the whole long day, they break their fast in the midnight or on the next day. The fast is usually a waterless fast. Fragrance of the flowers, soothing aroma of burning camphor and jingle of the temple bells fill the atmosphere with divinity.

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